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Report update for Shoemaker Actino Index CIRS interpretation.

As part of our ongoing effort to provide more precision regarding pathogenic Actino, Dr. Shoemaker has developed an Actino Dominance Index (DI) and a Prevalence Index (PI). Both indices add information to determine if the Actino we identify are of Human Habitat (HH) origin or Soil Habitat (SH) origin. The higher the index, 2.0 for Prevalence and 2.0 for Dominance, the greater the likelihood of exposure to HH-derived Actino, as opposed to SH-derived Actino.

The increased exposure to HH organisms has been correlated independently with increased immune dysregulation noted on GENIE that is distinct for dominance compared to prevalence.

Together, the immune bio-markers seen on GENIE give rise to specific immunoreactivity for causation for patients exposed to HH Actino, but, to date, not for SH organisms. If both MAPK and TGFBR are elevated; and Dominance and Prevalence indices are elevated, there will likely be serious adverse human health concerns as shown by research performed by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker


Dominance Index (DI) Lower than 2.0
Likely safe for CIRS
Dominance Index (DI) Higher than 2.0 Likely not safe for CIRS
Prevalence Index (PI) Lower than 2.0 Likely safe for CIRS
Prevalence Index (PI) Higher than 2.0 Likely not safe for CIRS


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