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Indoor Allergens ( Der f1, Der p1, Fel d1, Can f1, Bla g2 )


This test is for environmental dust samples collected using a vacuum cone method, the test needs 100 mg of dust to be performed.

The test is done using a Multiplex Array for Indoor Allergens (MARIA®) that combines monoclonal antibodies with the Luminex Bio-Plex200 multiplexing technology.


Test ParameterAntigensDetection Limits µg/gAllergen Risk Levels
Dust Mites AllergenDer f10.40Low
Dust Mites AllergenDer p10.40Low
Cat AllergenFel d10.12Moderate
Dog AllergenCan f10.80Moderate
Cockroach AllergenBla g20.60High


Low: Not Sufficient to cause symptoms.

Moderate: Risk for sensitization and bronchial hyperactivity.

High: Risk for an acute allergic asthma attack.

μg/g: Micrograms per gram, U/g: Units per gram, ng/g: Nanogram per gram. N/A: Not Applicable. ND (None Detected). Indicates that the amount of allergen in the sample is below the detection limits. Sufficient evidence is not available for risk levels. This report and guidelines furnish information only. Whether an individual suffers allergic symptoms or not depends on his/her medical history and previous exposure.

Price Reference:

Animal, Insects and Mites Allergens
ALLERGENS(Dustcassette/VacuumTargetsMethod1 Days3 Days7 Days
IndoorAllergenCatFel 1MARIA$710.00$375.00$160.00
IndoorAllergenDogCan f1MARIA$710.00$375.00$160.00
IndoorAllergenCockroachBla g2MARIA$710.00$375.00$160.00
IndoorAllergenDustMites Der p1 & Der f1MARIA$710.00$375.00$160.00
IndoorAllergensCat, Dog, Cockraoch and MitesCan f1, Fel d1, Bla g2, Der p1, Der f1MARIA$740.00$405.00$190.00
IndoorAllergenMouseMus m1MARIA$710.00$375.00$160.00
IndoorAllergenRatRat n1MARIA$710.00$375.00$160.00


Mold Allergens
ALLERGENSDustcassette/VacuumTargetsMethod1 Days3 Days7 Days
IndoorAllergenStachybotrys chartarumSchX/YELISA$545.00$289.00$121.00
IndoorAllergenAlternaria alternataAlt a1ELISA$545.00$289.00$121.00
IndoorAllergenAspergillus fumigatusAsp f1ELISA$545.00$289.00$121.00
IndoorAllergenAspergillus versicolorAveXELISA$545.00$289.00$121.00

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Allergen Test

Cat, Dog, Cockroach, Dust, Cat, Dog, Cockraoch and Mites, Mouse, Rat, Stachybotrys chartarum, Alternaria alternata, Aspergillus fumigatus, Aspergillus versicolor