Asked Questions

Which sampling method is better Vacuum cone or Swiffer cloth ?

The Swiffer is the preferred method. With the Swiffer method, you test different areas of your home by cleaning areas that have dust. Areas to test are the tops of cabinets, door frames, window sills, and ceiling fans. With this method, the Swiffer cloth must look dirty to get a good sample.

Vacuum cones are good for collecting samples in a 22-square-foot carpeted area, such as a living room and bedroom. The cone is connected to the hose at the end of the vacuum and the inner tube should be as full as possible to get a good sample.
What is the 5, 3, 1-day or same day duration on the website?

This is the TAT which stands for turnaround time and is the time it takes for the laboratory to complete the analysis. Once we receive your sample that day, the lab has 5, 3, 1 or the same day to send you the test results. Each one has a separate cost.
How do I get my results?

The results are emailed to the email that you provide on the Chain of Custody form.
How do I interpret my results?

Reports include interpretation and references values to be used as a guide. The best person to interpret your results would be the doctor or office you are working with who can better understand your symptoms and how your health is being affected.
MoldScore List Species all 130+
Mold Score List ERMI Species

Bookshelves, Picture Frames, Behind Furniture, Door Frames, Decorations on the Wall, Nightstands Lamp shades, Entertainment Centers, Tops Of TV, Vents/ HVAC Avoid areas with high heat and high mosture like kitchen and bathrooms.
Avoid Dry wall and Gypsum dust, also rusting metals and clay materials. Any of this will result in inhibition of the testing procedure.


#1 Low Dust.

Not Enough for testing

#2 Medium Dust.

Just Enough dust for one Test

#3 Medium High.

Plenty for one Test only

#4 High Loading.

Enough for more than one Test


Testing Kits are only valid for a year from purchase. Cancellation needs to be done by email only; 100% refund if canceled before kits is sent out; 90% refund after the kit was sent, the time limit is for 90 days from purchase; 80% refund for Inhibition or Not Enough Sample or the sample is already processing in the lab when canceled; no refunds if sample testing is processed and completed. Sample hold-time is 10 business days from arrival. 

  • A confirmation email is an official and best way to find all information regarding your sample and report.

The confirmation email will include a reference number that we use to follow each sample; if you have not received a confirmation email, this can be because it is still with the mail carrier.

Please allow a minimum of 7 business days for the refund to be processed back to your original payment method.

  • All additional courier fees are the responsibility of the customer.
  • A 5-minute free consultation is available to review the reports; however, this is basic general and schedule-based information. We do have a limited number of appointment slots per day, and we will do our best to schedule you for the soonest availability we have. We do not provide medical advice and are not Indoor Environmental Professionals (IEP). Our consultants DO NOT go over the Actino-Skin reports due to this report being health-related; therefore, only your medical doctor can provide insight into the results. Our website has resources available for further assistance, including our list of independent professional consultants.
  • When a holiday occurs during the business week, all samples will be processed the following business day.
  • All same-day, 1-day, and 3-day upgrades are non-refundable.



2 Day Air and Overnight / International Priority
We must receive orders before 4 PM CST for the same-day ship-out; otherwise, they will be processed on the following business day. Depending on the circumstances, including destination, courier availability, and cost efficiency, for USA locations, we will ship orders in 2 days if selected on the website.
By agreeing to the terms, you authorize the courier to leave the package outside your shipping address and assume total responsibility when the parcel gets lost or stolen. (We will not accept disputes regarding the lost or stolen package.)
Please note that overnight and international priorities are for business-day delivery only and do not include weekends or holidays.
The carrier is chosen based on geographic location, availability, and price.
Please select the delivery days that best suit you, as listed on our website.

We are not responsible if the carrier does not meet the estimated delivery days. Private carriers make deliveries only on business days and do not include deliveries on weekends or holidays.

Please provide a valid shipping address. If you choose to ship to a PO BOX, your shipment will be shipped via USPS, as private carriers do not ship PO BOX. Please note that USPS carriers will take longer than private carriers, and we are not responsible for package delays or losses.
When choosing expedited shipping, you must check if your area is available for overnight delivery.

Any orders for same-day shipping must be placed and received by 4 PM CST for shipping to take place; otherwise, they will be shipped the next business day.

Next-day orders placed on Fridays will not be processed as next-day delivery but will be delivered on the next available business day.
Shipping replacement kits will be charged.

Return labels

2-4 day return labels are $20 each, and next-day return labels are $35. You can include the return label in your order when selecting a shipping option or purchase after the original order. This option is in the store tab of our website.

Return/refund policy

We do not accept disputes related to lost or damaged packages. Instead, we offer a replacement kit, where we will only charge for shipping the test kit.
If you send your sample with a chosen carrier and we do not receive it, or it is lost, you will need to file a dispute, and you can also file a refund with the carrier; this also applies if you send your samples without an Envirobiomics return label.