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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) involves massively parallel sequencing of millions of DNA fragments, providing vast amounts of data quickly and at an affordable cost. 

Envirobiomics provides high quality testing, excellent customer service and reliability, if you are looking for a mold testing lab you can trust then we will be happy to assist you.

Plus, you'll benefit from excellent customer support. Because of this, environmental consultants and indoor air quality specialists have relied on us for high caliber mold research for many years.



Bacterial & Mold Detection Identification and Quantification

Broad Spectrum Microbial Detection & Identification

Human-specific Bacteroides

How to order

  • The Swiffer cloth is a simple and convenient method of sample collection, but we have optional methods to supply if those are needed.
  • ERMI test measures 36 mold species EPA Protocol.
  • HERTSMI-2 test measures 5 mold species (The Big 5) Dr. R. Shoemaker Protocol.

laboratory testing services

Currently in tests #1 (Ermi), #3 (Hermit-2), #5 (Endotoxin) and #13 (Actino) in the purchase of 5 tests or more of the same test, a direct discount of 10% is made by selecting per shift the time of 5 days.

Specialized laboratory tests


This technology has a plethora of applications, such as:​

  • diagnosing and understanding complex diseases.
  • whole-genome sequencing.
  • analysis of epigenetic modifications.
  • mitochondrial sequencing.
  • transcriptome sequencing  understanding how altered expression of genetic variants affects an organism.
  • Exome sequencing mutations in the exome are thought to contain up to 90% of mutations in the human genome, which leads to disease.
  • DNA techniques have been used to identify and isolate genes responsible for certain diseases, and provide the correct copy of the defective gene known as ‘gene therapy’.