EMMA (10 Mold+16 Mycotoxins)


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EMMA ENVIRONMENTAL MOLD AND MYCOTOXIN ASSESSMENT (EMMA) is for Clinically Significant Mold and Mycotoxins

This test includes the top 10 most relevant mold species detected using the MSQPCR method, with a HERTSMI-2 Score included in the report.

To this, we add the detection of mycotoxins analyzed by the state-of-the-art technologies ( LC/MS/MS )

The EMMA combined test is superior to offerings from other labs (e.g. EMMA) due to the broad range of mycotoxins detected and the lower limit of detection – this specificity and sensitivity offered by EnviroBiomics is unrivaled by that offered by any other laboratory.

Mycotoxins: Turn around time (TAT) 10 days.

Ochratoxins Trichothecenes
Zearalenone *Satratoxin G
*Ochratoxin A **Isosatratoxin F
Aflatoxins *Roridin E
*Aflatoxin B1 *Roridin L-2
*Aflatoxin G1 *Verrucarin J
*Aflatoxin B2 *Satratoxin H
*Aflatoxin G2 *Roridin A
Gliotoxin *Roridin H
Gliotoxin-derivative *Verrucarin A

** Isosatratoxin F this item is not detected.


Mold Mycotixn Produced Potential Health Issues
Aspergillus fumigatus Gliotoxin lmmunosuppresant
Aspergillus flavus Aflatoxin ** Can cause liver cancer in humans
Aspergillus niger Ochratoxin Suspected carcinogen
Aspergillus versicolor Sterigmatocystin Carcinogenic
Aspergillus ochraceus Ochratoxin Suspected carcinogen
Penicillium Brevicompactum Mycophenolic acid lmmunosuppresant
Stachybotrys chartarum Macrocyclic Trichothecenes * Highly toxic to humans
Chaetomium globosum Rhizopus Chaetoglobosins Toxic to mammalian cells Can cause Mucormycosis

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